Friday, August 27, 2010


This is not a great aesthetic work, but it is a picture of great typicality: arriving at a hotel (in this case, the Residence Inn at Columbus OH, again - but this time without a cataclysmic rainstorm. Still as easy to smuggle cats in via the side door, though ... ). First thing to be checked out: under the bed. This is LucyFur, moving at great speed.

So ... this is really the last time that we'll drive across country with a car full of cats in an eastward direction? Next summer, driving back - do we choose the same tried and tested, dull route? Or do we experiment with something new? (there's a limit to the amount of experimentation that one can do with a back seat full of cat carriers: today it was limited to using our iphones to track down a Panera in Terre Haute). This time is the most curious experience: I'm used to The Drive Eastward being a time of anticipation, and mentally getting my head in order before the start of the semester: yes, to be sure, I'm looking forward to my u/grad class a good deal (on "Memory"), but the rest of the year is going to feel so very different that I'm not sure how my head will get round all of it (and I'm tempted to join Lucy, scurrying under the bed).

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