Thursday, August 12, 2010


It was so good to be back, even if briefly, at Hoover Street this morning, talking to a man about air conditioning, and measuring up the corner where it might be possible to replace the (unused) sauna with a Space of Inspiration, or at least something that will be a hybrid between a writing house and a girl hut. I think, with luck, one might be able to squeeze out a 9' by 12' extra room, albeit one with some slightly inventively shaped corners. This is the moment at which I develop all kind of optimistic and fanciful ideas about how it will be totally tidy, totally organized, totally productive of ideas.

And it will look out, on one side, onto the wonderful terrace, with its statues and cypress trees, and ochre wall, on which the current tenants have lodged this strange star shaped object, which looks very much like a version of the purple Spore that was outside the Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago - some kind of metallic mutant.

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