Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alice startles a horse

... at least, the horse seems singularly affrighted, but maybe it's just offended by the lack of a carrot on the outstretched palm.   It's a very long time since I've been to look at the Parthenon frieze - possibly not since I did a school project of Greek horsemanship, complete with the points of the horse, and the bridle, all labelled with their proper nouns in classical Greek.   Most of the rest was lifted relatively wholesale from Xenophon.

One great thing about a conference at Senate House is that one can slide out at lunchtime, have lunch, and see some marble horses, centaurs, lowing cattle, naked riders, and other pieces of beautiful sculpture belonging to the Greeks, and head right back inside again to listen to, and talk about, destroyed books.   And look at book destruction, too - whether in sculptural or video form - the true delight of today's conference was having conceptual/book artists there as well as conventional scholars, including Ross Birrell and Nicola Dale -huge fun meeting them both.

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