Wednesday, April 27, 2011

an experiment

Well, we'll see, but I'm not optimistic.   My turn to provide sustenance for the grad class tomorrow.   My last class at Rutgers, too ... so you'd think I'd attempt something tried and tested.   But no.   I became obsessed with making dulce de leche cookies, ever since I found that one can buy condensed milk that's already been boiled slowly in its can to make the necessary substance.   But then what?   I did, indeed, find a perfectly serviceable, or so I thought, recipe that involved condensed milk.   And ... eggs.   I simply don't understand American cookie recipes (as I've remarked before) - I think that I am used to eggless cookies that are more like shortbread.   Here is one tray full, with chopped pecan nuts; there's another, that came out of the over shortly afterwards, with chocolate chips, too (not all the class are chocolate eaters).   But ... they taste like American cookies.   I think the best thing about that fact is that I'm unlikely to gorge myself in any way, but I have no idea what they will seem like to anyone else.  I should have gone for Plan B - the Royal Wedding Fridge Cake (no, I am not joking - and here's a wonderful article on the topic by Rachel Cooke, one of my erstwhile students in Oxford ...).

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