Saturday, April 30, 2011


It felt very good to have a couple of hours of a sunny morning in downtown Durham with no responsibilities - so I walked to Parker & Otis for breakfast (the perfectly wonderful cafe and gourmet and kitchen stuff and wine store that was just round the corner from me all year without my realizing it - for some complicated reason I thought it was a furniture store - a horrible error that led to my inaugurating a local-wisdom list to be passed from one year to the next at the National Humanities Center ...).   Even in the few years since I lived there for nine months, the center has become more salubrious, the warehouse apartments have spread - but there are still a number of unconverted warehouses, including this Liggett and Myers one.    

And here's an image of a sign on its side that is quite extraordinary: 1948, and are we commemorating fallen war heroes?   No.   Are we yet commemorating those who have died from inhaling cigarette smoke?   No - of course not.   We're celebrating the millions who smoke The Cigarette That Satisfies!

And here's - now that I'm back in NJ - the picture that I wanted to post yesterday ...

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