Tuesday, November 3, 2009

clock change

It is, of course, wonderful not to be getting up - even heading off to work - in the dark. But then, it's now invariably dark, and going to be dark for a long time, at homegoing. This is the window on the way out of Murray Hall, heading into the carpark. Iconographically, one thinks of windows as being full of possibility, looking onto views, liminal, suggestive of expanses, and so on. This, however, has something much more akin to the prison about it.

There's a further interpretation to be drawn - one of distance between Rutgers and The Building Across the Street. This belongs to Johnson and Johnson (today announcing a cut back in management, etc - one hopes that doesn't impact too badly on New Brunswick). Theirs is the magnificent building one sees from the train, and as one walks up George Street from the station. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought, when she was appointed, that it was a part of Rutgers - maybe that mysterious place, Old Queens? Surely the president must have his office there, on the banks of the old rar-i-tan? I kept waiting to get invited to a function there - then thought that, at least, graduation would be held on its sloping lawns. Eventually, the reality dawned upon me ...

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