Sunday, November 22, 2009

under the casino

in Asbury Park - a scene that looks curiously Indian - I think it's the peeling yellow walls, the people sweeping - though in India there would with luck be someone with a bright pink or yellow sari walking across, and here it was whatever people wear in NJ on a sunny November day to walk their dogs, or - if gay guys - walk hand in hand down the board walk - or, as here, do wheelies on their bicycles.

This was a day's outing to the Jersey Shore - and it was hard to stop taking tourist cliche photos - here, the Stone Pony

and, since today has clearly become travelogue, rather than a well-considered Picture of the Day (I shall cut myself some slack - it's Sunday) - here is one further image, of a German Icing cupcake, made by one Jack Petronella, who now owns the Baker Boys cake shop inside the Convention Center. All I can say was that it was very hard choosing what to buy (Alice went for a peculiarly delectable macaroon, and there's a dark chocolate mousse in the freezer), and I want to go back when he has his caramel sushi...

Down the shore, as has been well sung, everything's all right...

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  1. Tourist cliches can be lovely, in our humble opinion, but these shots rise above cliche. Love the framing of the two guys on their bikes. Good timing on your part! And glad you had a much deserved beautiful day down the shore.