Thursday, November 12, 2009

murray, again

This was my dismal discovery of the day: the janitors' room, just outside the chair's office on the first floor of Murray. I went in there to empty a styrofoam cup of cold coffee down the sink, and was greeted by this appalling sight: the ceiling is peeling and bulging from god knows what water damage and other forms of wear and tear. It looked as though the whole thing could come down on the janitors' heads - maybe bringing half a dozen students and tables and chairs with it. So - just in case Facilities don't come trotting over fast, very fast, to put it to rights, this is a documentary image, propaganda for due care and attention to be given to another crumbling corner of the campus (next campaign, after the push to get the sweet little observatory repainted, is for the cupola of Murray itself to get a new coat of paint). Indeed, this isn't, perhaps, as urgent as preventing our janitors from being concussed, deluged, and smothered, but it would help to cheer up the environment. Mind you, I'm still in a state of shock from being told that apparently some students have formed a Save the River Dorms group (though I can as yet find no concrete evidence of this, despite having googled, and even searched for a Facebook community supporting this improbable desire). I want to be the person who lights the touchpaper when we get round to dynamiting them.

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