Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving this case, I am giving thanks to the NYT, which this morning had a great piece on camera apps that one can download to one's iPhone. As faithful readers will know, I'm something of an afficionado of these, and love the element of unpredictability that they introduce, and I already had most of these on my little machine already. But this one was new to me. Called ShakeItUp Photo, it mimics the taking of a Polaroid - right down to the click and whirr. And then one shakes it... and it gradually swims into life, just like the real thing... Or one can apply it to a photo that's already on one's iPhone. This, however, was taken directly using the app.

And so ... autumnal pods, or, to be honest, artificial ones, from Robert's Florals, in Highland Park, who do quite wonderful arrangements as well as from-the-jar flowers (we have one on our mantelpiece) ... and these can join the stems and vases series ... What I like best of all here, however, are the colors, the subdued peacock coloring that somehow has been created out of an ancient B&Q bookcase of shaky construction and a beige wall.

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