Saturday, November 21, 2009

old style

street signage - the corner of Graham and S. First. The latter, admittedly, isn't quite visible, but I wanted to include the apartment block at the corner, which is possibly of the same era - that is, I guess, sometime in the 1930s? Our house, just down the street, was apparently built in 1930, and the same builder was clearly responsible for the whole little area: he seemingly had a good supply of preternaturally gloomy very dark red bricks, which found their way into the constructions of all our front porches.

This apartment block is the one that has figure in various of my Rear Window shots, featuring a succession of rescue cats at windows...another kitty contingent is usually to be found staring out of these front windows.

This is, I was thinking, the kind of quiet, nondescript, very local sign that one day just quietly disappears to be replaced by something municipal and homogenous (let's hope that Highland Park has something better to spend its non inconsiderable property taxes upon), without anyone ever commemorating it: so here it is, recorded.

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