Tuesday, November 24, 2009

flamingoes, again

I am deeply grateful to Vic's Italian Restaurant, in Bradley Beach, for keeping my debit card safe and warm for me - there was a bad moment, half way through yesterday, when I realized that this little bit of plastic was nowhere to be found - not a good thing, at this season. I'd last seen it when paying for a pizza on Sunday lunchtime... but Vic's didn't reopen till today, and don't answer their phone on Mondays. Phew. These flamingoes are in their back parking lot, and seem far more acclimatized than those Eldorado ones.

And I was almost more grateful to them for allowing me to find out that they are precisely 47 minutes drive from the back of Murray Hall - which gave me space, due to a canceled meeting, to go up to Ocean Grove, and check it out...and go for a brief walk along the empty and foam flecked beach, and find that I instantly want to move there, and have to be careful not to spend too much time procrastinating on realtor.com. 48 minutes back to Murray. I am sure that it's different in peak traffic time, that it's quite different in summer, and that there would be the occasional inconvenient hurricane. But still...

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  1. As a child I spent many joyful summers down at Bradley, and hopefully this summer I will find some post-Bread Loaf time to visit Ocean Grove with a friend.

    Although 48 minutes from Murray Hall and College Ave? That sounds like a NJ miracle!