Monday, November 9, 2009


Meet Leo. Leo came from Oxford - I bought him from a little store on St Michael's Street that had a sudden, brief influx of papier mache animals - he's around sheep size, and hostile. I used to keep him in my study, where at least one student claimed that she found him completely scary (what I never told her is that at first, there were times when I would look round and get a shock that he was there, staring fiercely).

Over the years, I've become more accustomed to his snarl - but he's not always easy to place in an appropriate location (yes, I know, he should be in the chair's office, but I haven't reached that point quite yet). He's currently on the gallery, a kind of strange limbo of bits of furniture that haven't got real homes, and the kitty litter tray, and a potential location for any troop of madrigalists or serenading singers that might improbably drop round. He's not all that visible from downstairs, though - which may be a waste of his attitude...

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