Monday, January 4, 2010


Some of my favorite pictures of this last year have been little slices of the ordinary - as in this Draining board - or, rather, wire rack from Target - once again caught in the morning sun, with a Mexican glass, and a pan lid - drying after the posole and buffalo sausage dish that took a very long time to cook - and some kind of peeler, that's making a mysterious guest appearance and that I don't recollect ever having used.

I thought it was going to be a hot contest for D, with Dogs very nearly making an appearance - but part of what would have been the other possible image was over-exposed. There were two little neatly wrapped plastic bags of dog poop sitting by the side of the road on Monte Alto, with an angry note asking their owner - owner? - NOT to put them in his/her trash bin in future. This note has been added to by another, commending the Dog Owner for having been so tidy and civic minded as to bag the poop at all, and saying that they are very welcome to put such bags in her/his bin - address given - and commending them for their community spirit. For most owners, indeed, don't bother. Nor, for that matter, do the coyotes trouble to be tidy - and they were out in force last night, howling and yipping just up the road, doubtless with some unfortunate rabbit in their sights.

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