Monday, January 11, 2010


This evening's rather paltry looking plate of uncooked purple Kale has a rather apologetic air to it. As you'll see, it's warm and sunny, and I had every intention of taking a close up picture of said Kale - there being few other obvious things beginning with K around, apart from me - and then making a negative of this, and turning that into a cyanotype. But this failed to be convincing for various reasons - perhaps January sun isn't ideal for such a project, but more especially, I don't have a good - or even a bad - photo printer here, so the negative that I made via Photoshop printed rather badly onto a transparency and, in turn, I didn't keep it flat enough for its ten minute exposure (that time alone shows how weak the sun was, even if deceptively bright). So the eventual image was more blue and white ripple than sharply delineated leaves, despite all my running back and forth to a water-filled bath, and drying it delicately between paper towels in my antique Mexican hand press. But it's always a process that I much enjoy, even if the end result was too disappointing to share, this time.

And we didn't eat the kale. That's for soup, tomorrow.

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