Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flight paths

Two Eldorado sunsets within a week might be pushing my luck - but then, they are spectacular - even with the Flight paths streaking across them and doubtless adding to the pollution that's helping to cause the sunset in the first place. These ones look to me like the LA-Chicago route - sometimes when I've traveled that way back to NJ it's been very frustrating to fly almost directly over our miniaturized house.

But F was, oddly, a challenge today (I kept worrying about my own name, and whether there was some horrible parallel with Mr Ramsay, in To the Lighthouse, unable to follow through stages of abstract thinking to the level of complexity represented by his own initial). I kept hoping for a Northern Flicker - there have been a threesome of these woodpeckers around recently, but they were absent today. I did manage some Finches Feeding, and even a Foot, obligingly posed by Alice on top of a sign when we were out on a walk. But I can't resist these wonderful skies, especially when one knows that our period for looking at them has a definite limit at the end of next week...

In case you're wondering, that strange lighted thingy in the bottom right hand corner is the stop sign at the end of our road...


  1. Moose recognized the strange lighted thingy in the bottom right hand corner. Is that why she is weeping quietly in her red chair?

  2. Ans: Yes.

    We are also - nearly - weeping, since we went off to try Los Potrillos - not realizing - oh foolish us - that it's closed on Wednesdays. So it was enchiladas and margaritas at Harry's, instead...