Friday, January 22, 2010


It's this blog's real, real birthday! The 365th post on So in truth, this ought to be headed Victory. But it's been a long, long day in the office - on a Friday that I'd wanted to devote to some rather urgent work of my own, the only bright spot was a visit from one of last semester's undergraduates. And there were precious few things beginning with V around in MU105.

So casting my eye around at home, there's DandeLion's toy rat - definitely Vermin. D-Lion, who rarely features here, being largely the invisible cat. But one can track her pathways by the large artificial rodents that she leaves scattered around - she has a definite predilection for the biggest ones possible (and indeed, in her outdoor-feral days, I once saw her, even as a tiny kitten, with a plump LA lizard in her little pink mouth). I guess I can count this as a contribution to the Ordinary and the Everyday thread over the last year (or to the genre of not-being-able-to-blog-about-what-really-takes-up-one's-time-when-one-would-rather-be-reading). Reading Veraciously, that is. And going back to yesterday's post, I've always thought of V as a rusty brown.

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