Wednesday, January 27, 2010

light shining

When it came to the point, of course - could I bear to stop? I spent much of the day feeling a slight sense of liberation - a lack of an obligation - a reprieve. More to the point, nothing caught my eye - and there was no project - alphabetical, thematic - to structure my looking. And then, this last hour, a kind of bereft feeling came over me... Luckily, walking into the bedroom, a lone light was shining and reflecting: an all too easy symbol of a glimmer of hope (no, won't go down The Route of Hope, though Obama's speech was more or less encouraging, if, as ever, polished in its diplomatic desire for bipartisanship - and it *did* seem to promise the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell). An all too easy symbol, that is, for a moment of inspiration shining in the darkness, ad nauseam etcetera. That being said, I feel both back on track, and unstable. The blog was its own project for the first year - that is, the disciplined combination of looking and writing provided its reason for existence. The alphabet was much fun. And now - take it a week at a time? Does that mean that I'm stuck with windows and/or lights until next Wednesday?


  1. Can one ever bear to stop? Dogs die, and dog blogs go on. One comes to the end of the year or the alphabet, and something unexpectedly catches one's eye. That is as it should be. We are grateful for your little bit of light in the darkness, irony, skepticism, and all. Merci, mon amie.

  2. Thank *you,* o faithful reader and example par excellence. I think I'm learning something about the compulsions born of habit, right now... But I'm not going to practice habit-stopping by ceasing to Look...

  3. Yes, windows and lights, please! This is beautiful and means that you should continue (I can read the secret messages in photographs).