Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There's something decidedly perverse about being English and not liking Tea, unless one counts mint tea and rosehip tea and ginger tea and all the other kinds of Teas that make my mother faintly anxious that I may be a loony cat lady. I used to drink tea twice a term, in Oxford, in the Graduate Studies meetings - it arrived on a trolley, with some very predictable biscuits, around 3 p.m., and was a welcome relief from tedium. But that was about enough for me, and it's a beverage that I'm always trying to manoeuver around on social occasions.

Teabags, however, have their other uses: not just (I believe) to place on fevered brows and sore eyes (having now had a headache for three tense beginning of semester days, I'm almost tempted to try, but don't really want to spend what remains of this evening scented with Lapsang suchong). And one can wring them out and then tint paper in the residue, and in other ways use them for various arty projects that it would be lovely to have the time to take on board - even and including, painting on used, dismantled teabags themselves.


  1. I'm not a big fan of tea, either... though it might seem that way, because I do drink 8 cups of green tea a day, but that's only because it's apparently not healthy to drink two entire pots of coffee a day, and so I've replaced some of that with the green tea, which apparently speeds up your metabolism and does all sorts of wonderful things that I like to think somehow balance out the unhealthiness of my daily caffeine intake. Supposedly it cures headaches, too, so if you can bear it, you might want to try that... or Tylenol PM, which I'm also convinced is an essential part of a healthy diet. No idea why it's not on the food pyramid.

  2. Oh. I'd better try green tea to replace some of my coffee intake... headache better today, though: the standard 3-day migraine that walks slowly round one's head and then wanders off into the ether. Tylenol PM puts me in a foul mood (alas) - you wouldn't want to know me the next morning...