Saturday, January 16, 2010


Poised, or maybe Prancing in some mid-air limbo - these strange grown-up fairies were hanging around in the window of a rather good, more up-market and tasteful than usual gift store in Albuquerque airport. I wish I'd had longer to take photos of their mid-air arabesques, but - as ever when shooting stuff in shops - I felt as though was stealing images and was likely to be apprehended at any moment. But they are most definitely suitable for a day spent largely in motion - up at 4.30, which was probably just as well - tearing ourselves away from Eldorado at dawn - still and yellow over the Cerrillos hills as we drove down to Albuquerque - DFW (no large numbers of soldiers, this time) - EWR - and home to some ecstatically happy cats and a mound of mail. So yes - the idea of perpetual motion, spinning and soaring in air - gives a kind of up-beat frivolity, a weightlessness, to a day of heaving heavy luggage (books, snowboots, camera, etc) around...

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