Thursday, September 9, 2010


This picture speaks (mews?) for itself: an upside-down Emmett. With Alice in Los Angeles, I feel prompted to take quick pictures of such sights as these with my iPhone and send them straight off. By way of return, at some point this morning I received an image of the not-a-little-tacky new lifesize horse sculpture on the USC campus - a Trojan Horse, presumably. So - despite the fact that I ought to be thinking about Memory in relation to my class, this is a perfect example of photography being used not to memorialize, to capture the moment forever, and all that, but in fact to say - this is now! this is your cat on the sofa! this is me failing to read and write my way through a mound of tenure and promotion cases, because actually I'm prowling around the living room looking for absurd cats.

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