Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still life with madonna and child

In fact, she's Our Lady of the Afflictions - which, on a bad day, seems about right. But leaving the house today, two things struck me: (i) that she shouldn't be getting so much sun - even though the sun's lower in the sky now, it's still excruciatingly hot - so I must remember to move her, and (ii) does her presence exactly make this a Desirable Residence, given the overwhelming Jewish population of Highland Park? (and yes! the sukkots are rising - my very favorite neighborhood temporary edifices)? Indeed, isn't there rather a lot of what I think of as New Mexican Hispanic Art in the house - which could very easily be interpreted as Religious Artifacts? There's a mezuzah attached to the doorframe, to be sure, which I wouldn't remove since it's part of the history of the house, and a Something Else opposite the entrance door (but what? a bigger mezuzah?) - but I don't know that this exactly balances out the other artifacts. Another question for the realtor ...

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