Saturday, September 4, 2010

artificial flowers

... and, in addition to the orchids, maybe some tasteful artificial flowers? Alice has a real knack for buying these: I don't (apart from the large armfuls of fake daffodils I once bought and hung in and old cowboy boot, to advertise the house - in Princeton - where I was having my 50th birthday party. I don't think the neighbors thought all that much of that decorative gesture). So we kept our eyes open in Lambertville, when on an outing there, but didn't in fact purchase anything.

Resolution #1 for this year has already been embarked upon: make the most of actually living here in NJ. So after L'ville (where we did buy a small, perfect, faintly Renaissance style picture of a pear), we headed off up the Delaware, past Stockton, and had a very tasty picnic (sweetcorn with lime and chili, cheese, grapes) in a little state park, and wandered over the river into Pennsylvania and back. And then, back to the decluttering. Aghhhhh.

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