Friday, September 3, 2010


Ah, the orchid section of Lowe's. I don't think that either of us can really bear this whole business of moving house again - let alone primping it and polishing it and yes, decluttering it, and wondering how it can best be shown by a realtor who Hates Cats. And before you make the obvious suggestion, Highland Park is not exactly crawling in realtor options, and the realtor in question has many, many other virtues.

The house will need a steady supply of Tasteful Flowers, and hence the orchids. I am of course terrified of their delicate upkeep (Alice is good at cherishing them, but even so, we end up waving them at the computer's camera when skyping my parents on Sundays, and beseeching my mother for her expert advice). The dark purple spotty variegated ones are rather fine. They are probably, too, the only living things in or around this house relishing the appalling humidity - alas, no sign of a hurricane to challenge it.

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