Monday, September 6, 2010


These will probably end up being very well-travelled herbs - they migrated back east from Santa Fe, nestling down by the passenger feet. Here, they have joined two pots from last year on the deck, and, providing I cherish them through the winter, they'll probably head back to NM, and thence to Los Angeles. And doubtless they will get stopped at the Cali border (I once had a very anxious and officious plant inspector there, who thought he might have seen an Ant in my plants - though Santa Fe county is, in fact, one of the NM counties from which one's allowed to import cultivated greenery). But it's great having them in the evening sunlight here - which has started to take on an end-of-the-summer glow.

Decluttering? I'll spare you a detailed update (the landing is full of boxes: one for Goodwill, one for paper recycling, one for shredding: memo - must buy shredder ... ) - but this picture offers a hint: all stray candles are currently making their way out onto the deck's top rail.

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