Saturday, November 13, 2010

bath robes

The Montreal hotel in which I'm staying - the St Paul - is so utterly chi-chi that they even arrange their ultra non-gender-specific bathrobes in an attitude of - as I read it - same sex togetherness.   Very cute.    I would stay here again in a blink of an eye - it's sleekly designer minimalist, and one feels pampered without ever being remotely fussed over.

A follow-up from yesterday's post - since I couldn't post this as a picture into the reply space ... anyone who picked up the reference to Derrida's cat will be interested, I'm sure, to see that this cat, at any rate, is Siamese, and that Derrida is, on this occasion, fully clothed.

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  1. Thanks for posting this picture of Derrida and his cat, Kate-- I had not seen it before.