Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This was a surprise: walking up to Goldsmiths College from New Cross Gate station (reached on the London Overground, which I didn't even know existed, after a parodically slow journey on the District Line - signal failure; person under train stopping the Central Line, etc), I was wondering how to take a picture of grimy London in the rain that would make it look significantly different from a bad day in New Brunswick - other than the fact that the cars drive on the other side of the road.   Oh, sure, there are a million differences, starting with the fact that Deptford is even grimier, but the overall impression is much the same.   And then, suddenly, just past the rather magnificent Victorian Deptford Town Hall, and in the middle of an otherwise nondescript row of shops, was this carnivalesque costumier's heaven, a whole jumble of fanciful dresses and wigs and accessories that looked as though it had escaped from from the wardrobe for the music hall scenes of *Tipping the Velvet.*

A quick Google shows that this is Prangsta Costumiers.   Quite possibly everyone in London knows about this except me, but it just made me want to come back with a camera and go wild.   Or throw a party...

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