Monday, November 22, 2010

by hand

Here's the latest example of NJ's mandatory do-it-yourself handcrafting: the self-reporting gas consumption form.   Six months worth of little dials are offered up on the same sheet of paper - three one side, three the other - and in the middle of each month one has to go down to the basement, trip over things in the dark, turn on a light, and peer at some tiny dials in order to draw arrows onto the empty dial faces.   Then one has to stick it in an available window for three days, and someone comes by to read one's supposed consumption (I have no idea whether or not they also perform spot honesty-in-reporting checks).   I imagine this is designed to Save Labor Costs - I just hope that they haven't fired the very pleasant guy who used to make the obstacle course expedition into the basement on a monthly basis.

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