Tuesday, November 16, 2010

flowers, ritual

Faithful readers will know how happy I am when I arrive in my old bedroom and find that my mother has left a little vase of fresh flowers for me: posting a picture of these flowers is my way of offering up homage to this ritual.   This evening - having arrived off the daytime flight, which always is the best way to come - the curtains were already drawn, and the flowers thoughtfully removed from the windowsill and placed on the glass top of the desk.  

These blooms act as a very calming antidote to the popular media frenzy over The Royal Wedding That Has Been Announced (can they really be using terms like A Fairy Tale Wedding, after the last time around?).   Actually an equally strong antidote was offered up by the fact that when I came in, my parents were watching an excellent BBC4 program on the late C19th Scottish painters, The Glasgow Boys - which was a sudden blast of BBC documentary at its best.


  1. maria robertsNovember 16, 2010

    I have to smile whenever of I think of you at home in your flower bedecked bedroom. It suggests mom's wellness and joy and nudges more clearly into view the precious gifts of home and family.

  2. hey - thank you, Maria! It always makes me feel so good ... and that I am indeed Home ...