Tuesday, November 9, 2010

staging. Again.

No homage that I'm conscious of today - though that doesn't mean that there isn't an influence lurking in there, unsuspected - just some very fine late fall light on a bunch of smallish somethings - gerberas? - I think I may call all flowers that look a bit like this gerberas.   I have taken off their limp and fading leaves, and repositioned them, hoping to eke out another few days' decorative worth, for clearly the hordes of prospective buyers are still failing to materialize.   And this is a far from perfectly arranged room - that round lump, depressing the sofa in the background?   LucyFur.   The magazines, however, remain tastefully displayed, with the current copy of Artforum on top - though I have absolutely no idea whether one would have more success with Vogue, or Real Simple, or House Beautiful.   Indeed, I'm not even sure whether House Beautiful is still in print - it may just be a dated signifier, picked up from decades of US fiction reading, of suburban domestic stultification.

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