Friday, November 12, 2010

le chat

This is a very handsome piece of graffiti on a vacant lot in Montreal: it's not easily explicable (there's another, greyer one in an alley down the street, too).   It does look remarkably like Emmett in its expression.   I was strolling past it - that is, walking off my lunch - on the way back from Schwartz's Charcuterie Hibraique - if only its founders had thought to open in Highland Park in 1928, not Montreal (though I think HP was very Italian back then).   I haven't eaten so much meat for six months or so, but their basic smoked brisket sandwich (white bread, mustard) was perfect, and will keep me going for the next six months.   I didn't hear any papers about cats, although Danielle Coriale did acknowledge the recent turn to Animal Studies, before going on to give such a brilliant paper about polyps that one thought Oh! Why have I never taken polyps seriously?  (whether freshwater or sea-based) - for after all, the Victorians certainly did.   And she showed a stunningly beautiful translucent blue grey little video of a polyp consuming a water-flea.


  1. There was discussion of cats on the Animal Studies panel I was on yesterday (one of, what, four or five this year?) but it was mainly of Derrida's cat rather than Victorian cats though we did talk about pets and the domestication of animals more generally.