Thursday, February 10, 2011

another day, another hotel room

and I am mighty glad for room service at the Hilton in Houston.   I'd planned on taking myself out to T'afia, up the road, and run by someone who's a friend/colleague of Kim Muller, at Real Food Nation, and which looks as though it serves and promotes wonderful organic and healthy food ... but instead, my head swaying just a little from yet another flight (during which I re-read A Handful of Dust for the first time in twenty five years or so, and am plunged in doubt that it'll be a good choice for this semester's class - and in fact, I may just ditch it, and move all the texts along some, and slot in some more short stories near the end, when everyone is tired of reading and howling with panic over papers), and with a 7.30 a.m. start, and some urgent bits of admin - instead, I've settled for iceberg and blue cheese and pecans and cranberries, and surprisingly tasty it was, too.

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