Saturday, February 19, 2011

flower heads

One of the very few shops that I will genuinely miss in Highland Park is Robert's Florals, which not only is notable for the obvious - flowers - but for all its other little high-end treats by way of vases and soaps and little notebooks with birds on them, for their handsome brindled boxer Sophie, and for its displays of Things - like heads, and tall vases ... We have, of course, been feeling as though we're keeping them in business the last five months - Flowers for House Showings (though admittedly it's Stop & Shop carnations on weeks when we doubt that anyone will come, and Whole Foods when we're not sure).   Today, of course, was the purchase of birthday flowers doubling as house-showing ones - and then coming home to find a very very pretty gift for Alice with the same provenance ... the (return) viewers must have stepped round and/or over them.   We also hope that, once inside, they did the same with the discreet mound of up-chucked kitty kibble, the (dried) flower that had been removed from the vase on the dining room table and worried onto the floor, and the medium-sized, perfectly formed turd two feet outside the litter box.   Sometimes we swear that the cats do it deliberately.

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