Monday, February 14, 2011


Indeed, I would rather be spending Valentine's Day with my valentine - especially when everything around one is red and pink and pulsatingly determined to make one feel Romantic - though I have to say that people who have delivered coffee, dinner etc to my room at various points during the day have managed to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day in a pretty sardonic voice.   The Los Angeles Omni always does wonderful flower displays: the ones on the front desk (deep red lilies with prominent pistils submerged in vases of water) are quite parodically pornographic (and happily my images of them are slightly out of focus, the lens clearly recoiling and self-censoring in horror).   These vases, opposite the front door, are doing their best to overwhelm: what I particularly like about this image is that it looks as though they're being reflected in some shiny table top, but not so - they stretch on further down below the frame.   And yes (when not off seeing people) it's been a superbly hard working day.   

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