Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yes, it's another flower picture.   Yes, it's another example of what one comes up with when one's tired and headachey after a day's teaching and one hasn't been reading or thinking about the visual, except in the contexts of administration and grant writing and the like.   And yes, it's a comment on the fact that once again, early in the morning, there's a house showing, and everything has to be shiny and dusted or hidden away, and flowers have to be prominently arranged in every room, and the right lights left on, and Lola's favorite stuffed sock hidden away in case a prospective purchaser treads on it, and the bathroom mirrors shined, and the trash taken out, and the litter tray raked and groomed, and the kitchen floor swabbed, and the towels straightened, and all the other rituals.   None of the above (apart from the turning on of lights) will help the fact that it's going to be a wet, windy morning in late February - hardly NJ at its most seductive.

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