Sunday, February 6, 2011

sydney sunday

Australians seem to fall into two categories: the very fit (running past this poster for a missing ... oh, we were disappointed: it turned out to be a soft toy, but probably no more able to fend for itself than a live one would be around here), or the decidedly overweight (Australia is very full of pie shops, and cake shops, as well as the healthy fish/fruit/yogurt kind of establishments we've been more or less frequenting, though last night's lentil burger (me) and beef/avo/bacon burger from Moo's were something of an exception).   So they trot around the beach and headland,

or go swimming in the sea or the pool attached to the Coogee Lifesaving club, in the path of the gathering (and quite spectacular) storm, or at the very least they amble, like us, round the Botanical Gardens,

where there are some very large and Dracula-like fruit bats flying around, and lots more water lilies, and I was confidently able to identify the outdoor ones that I met in Adelaide as Lotuses, although without Buddhas sitting in the middle of them.

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