Thursday, February 17, 2011

hansel and griddle

Strangely unvisited by me is a little hole in the wall cafe - a word that probably implies sit-down - a food outlet called Hansel and Griddle, which I went to a couple of times my first year at Rutgers and promptly more or less forgot about.   It tends to me curiously unstudenty - it's where fire fighters and paramedics call in and pick up their lunches; where local construction workers stuff themselves on wraps and burgers and things (so if it looks empty, and one thinks one will get served fast, one is living an illusion - people know exactly how long to leave before dropping in.   I barely had enough time to order and eat a quesadilla today between class and meeting, and rather wondered, subsequently, whether a tuna salad quesadilla didn't smell rather oddly like fancy cat food - but I was very glad to go back, if only to patronize one of the best culinary puns around.

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