Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cats, eyes, flash

Today's problem is not one of how to fit two cats comfortably on a radiator (for that has been solved by picture 2), nor how to finish re-reading Our Mutual Friend for class tomorrow, given that it's already 11.05, and that problem may have already been consigned to the realm of the insoluble ... no: it's back to the strangeness of cats' eyes in flash photography.   DandeLion's eyes are notorious for their spooky orange stare: tonight, I find that Lola (as befits the nautical emphasis of OMF) has eyes that seem to be fitted out like lights on board a ship: green on the starboard side, and red on the port bow.   Very peculiar.   LucyFur, sensibly, has three-quarter closed hers against the glare.

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