Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yesterday's New York Times had a piece speculating about the growth of farmers' markets over the past few years - every right-on community wants one, of course, but apparently the more markets there are, the more thinly farmers feel that they are spread, since the market is a finite one - or at least, not one that has mushroomed at the rate that outlets for produce have done.   I very much commend those markets that accept food stamps - the ones in Santa Fe county do, at any rate - since that seems to encourage healthy eating as well as helping farmers sell their stuff.   But I don't know whether such schemes are up and running in Los Angeles - no visible signs that suggest that they are.

We have a local (and indeed, fairly recent) market in Silver Lake, on Saturdays, but I much prefer the Larchmont one, where we went today (and not just because of the not very farmery stall that sells parmesan crisps).   It's true - I don't know that there were as many people there as sometimes - but the fruit and vegetables, the tomatoes and corn and wild arugula and figs and, yes, blueberries and raspberries all looked remarkably alluring, and we came home bent over with bags of them all.

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