Thursday, August 18, 2011

flipping burgers

This isn't, of course, something that I would myself have felt particularly tempted by on the first day of college (but then, a year of St Anne's vegetarian salads, in 1973-4, weren't really particularly exciting, either).   However, the long line of freshers (why the US doesn't use the gender neutral word that they do in the UK, I don't know) and parents waiting in line suggests that I would probably have been in a minority.   Today was Drop Off Your Offspring day - with lots of campus-greeting with balloons and a band and other festivities.   What struck me was how incredibly cheerful and happy and excited the students looked - as did their parents - and not just at the prospect, I trust, of some free bit of charred meat patty.   It was also quite wonderful not being the only person on campus who didn't know quite where she was going - although I realise that the sense of being faintly lost and wide eyed is going to wear off very soon ...

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