Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday morning

It's easy enough to take pretty photographs in the Farmers' Market - things on stall tend not to move around (for all that, I evidently do - a particularly picturesque bunch of carrots is oddly just slightly out of focus.   Alas).   But opposite the market, outside Warehouse 18, was a much more vibrant little scene - a bunch of kids breakdancing (not badly, though not spectacularly well).   Which is not to say that I could ever have done a backwards arching somersault like this ... They seemed to be having a great deal of fun, unlike many of the arguing couples who were debating in heated tones over organic argula, and who seemed to be paying no attention whatsoever to the Peace Marigolds.   I wrote about this Nepalese tradition almost two years ago to the day: clearly that Chinati trip has put me in the mood to think about repetition (as, indeed, two years ago, I bought orange dahlias, too - and did so again today).   Repetition, ritual?   It's a better picture, this time around.

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