Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'll just repeat myself if I'm not careful: that it's so strange sitting in sunny southern California, and looking at photos on line of the brown, swollen, flooded Raritan.   We are, of course, still slowly unpacking, and so pillows and cushions and even lamps seem scattered in strange places (though Triumph - I found a closet today that had space for the kitty carriers in it).  All the same, it's a great deal more tranquil (at least if one looks in the right direction) than central New Jersey seems to be today.

And yet ... there's a sneaky (English??) bit of me that wonders how much I'm going to miss the Weather - as opposed to having a hot dry season, a cooler often wet season, and bits of gloomy fog thrown into the mix at any time of the year.   Not, I suspect, in - say - March.

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