Monday, August 15, 2011

settling in

This lion has been with me a long time.   He came, originally, from a miscellaneous gift and cards and paper store in St Michael's Street, Oxford - ? Arcadia ? - it was under the Nosebag restaurant - and frightened various students in my room in Mansfield (indeed, he could make me jump, too, but I never let on about that).   Then he lived in my room in the old TA building behind the English Faculty in St Cross - again in Oxford.   Somehow, he never made it into any of the three rooms that I had at Rutgers, but he looks so good with the arsenic walls and blue bookcases that, even though I'm sure he should come down to floor level, I think he's a permanent fixture at USC.   Oh - for those of you who care about material culture, he's papier mache.

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