Thursday, August 11, 2011

summer's end

This year's lightning shot, from our front yard ... my reflexes are getting better.   Last evening in New Mexico: indeed, receiving abstracts relating to the oral presentations that the grad students whom I'm helping to examine on Monday makes it painfully clear how little time there is left (or how crazily early USC starts their semester.   Still, my last class will be whilst it's still November ...).

I had all kinds of plans for a posed end of the summer picture, indicating quite how anxious and unrelaxing a summer it's been, at least in part.   I'd intended to pose Alice (gallstone) holding Emmett (advanced kidney failure) against a backdrop of a couple of cardboard boxes (packing, unpacking, in NJ and in Oxford and in LA) and the birdhouse (concern about the bluebirds and their fledgelings, though we've seen the whole family, looking remarkable grown up, today).   And then, tumbling out of the hole in the birdhouse were to have been as many dollar bills as I could find in my purse (symbolizing the economy).   But I never got my act together on this particular piece of creativity, and instead offer up that most cliched, but beautiful, of all symbolic endings: the sunset from our back yard tonight.   Those bare branches?  I do, at least, get to signify the drought, as well.

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