Monday, November 7, 2011


It would be easy to mistake this for the inside of some temple, but the nearest that this setting came to housing a cult was to be the hotel-location for NAVSA these last few days.   It's so strange when one's lingering on in the hotel when most people have left - not for pleasure, but because I had a 6.20 p.m. flight, and needed a quiet space with wi-fi.   Whether a bar when the Titans are playing is exactly a quiet spot is a moot point, but it certainly allowed me to be on line.  

It was a wonderful NAVSA - a happy NAVSA - not only because of seeing old friends, but because - despite all the grounds that so many people must have for complaint (no money! few job vacancies! uncertain politics - the next election is a year away today), I hardly heard any sharing of woe - people seemed genuinely to be talking about the papers and ideas and their work.   So many many thanks to Jay and Carolyn and Rachel - I hope very much that you're basking in your success.   Or asleep.

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