Thursday, November 17, 2011

occupy LA

Those are not tiny specks of dust on your screen, above the downtown skyscrapers.   Those are helicopters, circling over and over the - how many? - 20,000? - protestors, marchers, sit-downers, arm linkers, passive resisters, and general 99%-ers in central Los Angeles today.   It's also an example of how deceptive a picture can be: this looks like extraordinary tranquility (give or take the pollution that's giving an orange glow to the evening sky), but there's so much going on down in the streets (given that we were in the middle of an External Academic Review in Art History today, my active support was decidedly limited to watching the live stream on line: there's something very surreal about watching local action - or at least listening to local drum-beats - whilst preparing one's next set of supposedly persuasive arguments and positions).  That thing on the left?  That's the Shrine auditorium - aka the Al Malaikah Temple - built in 1920-26 (after its predecessor burned down) - and more about that on some other occasion.

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