Thursday, November 10, 2011

Memory. Oops.

Here's a particularly fetching piece of street - or at least campus - art, right outside Taper Hall!  Doubtless it will be gone by tomorrow, but it was very cheering to emerge to it this evening.   However, my memory went nearly as badly askew as Rick Perry's when it came to what I planned to write about.   I usually have pretty good visual recall and association, but my mind came up with a composite mangle this evening.  I'd been going to call the post Get Yer Ya-yas Out - which of course was a Rolling Stones live album of 1970, and which I was convinced had a picture of someone sticking out his tongue on the sleeve.  Absolutely wrong - that's the album cover that shows a leaping Jagger - I think - and a donkey with drums on either side of what looks like a small runway.  So a ya-ya isn't a tongue.  It ought to be - it suggests a derisory, yah-boo-sucks jeer - but it isn't.   In fact, the album with lips and a tongue is Forty Licks, and I realize that it's taken me nine years to make the connections between licks and tongues - though that much used tongue design (by John Pasche) dates back to 1971, when I think it appeared as an insert card in the Sticky Fingers sleeve.   Somehow, though, familiar though that particular Big Lips design is, I'd also managed to conflate it with all the heads - some of them in reduced black and white form similar to this - on the 1978 Some Girls.   Perhaps I should develop some kind of sympathy with Rick Perry's brain freeze?  Oops.

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