Thursday, November 10, 2011

a rose is ...

It's a long time since I hit 11.30 at night before realizing that I didn't yet have a Picture of the Day - thank goodness for (a) an iPhone handy and (b) Alice having very sweetly bought me some roses that are sitting in a - yes, rose bowl - on a shelf at the side of my desk.   This quick Hipstamatic number manages to look like a rather delicate botanical drawing (or apparently quick - of course, I played around with a number of "camera" combinations and angles).   And if my sense of it being a long and meeting filled day wasn't bad enough ... I just sent off a chapter description to someone in London and had an instant reply, and realized that it's already 9 a.m. there.   Truly, one occasionally feels - despite the reassuring Englishness of a rose - a long way away.

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