Monday, November 7, 2011


Yes, turtles - not in a park, but in a kind of large fish pond outside Lloyd Klein couturiers on Beverly - the kind of store that I am clearly the wrong size and shape even to contemplate going inside, ever - one can tell that just by sniffing the air.   But the turtles (and koi) were a wonderful surprise (as was the fact that Beverly, at least at that part, has vacant spots at parking meters at lunchtime) - and the building that houses the boutique, too, was a classy attempt at mock Italian renaissance, complete with a lion's head fountain and faded Giotto-esque frescoes.   I can't find it in my Gebhard and Winter Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles - my go-to consultation volume and constant inspiration for future trips - but it's absurd enough to be worth a visit.

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