Monday, November 14, 2011

wrapping up traveler

Traveler, as I've remarked before, is USC's football mascot - a pure white Andalusian horse.  Back in the days when I was a demon at Pony Club quizzes, I knew not to say "white" to describe a horse's color - "light grey," yes, but not "white".  Still, that particular no-no doesn't seem to have crossed the Atlantic, or at least it hasn't made it as far as the football program.   A year or so ago, a life-size replica rather startlingly appeared on campus - a gift to recognize the former President and his wife - styled with what even my ten year old self would have recognized as formidable tackiness.   However, it doesn't look nearly so bad when wrapped in industrial quality cling film.   This isn't some sub-Christo art expression: rather, the imitation Traveler and the statue of Tommy Trojan (maybe I'll feature that later this week?) have been protected against potential depredations at the hands of the local football mega-rivals, UCLA.  The game is on Saturday November 26th, but clearly, security measures get under way well in advance. 

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