Saturday, December 1, 2012

anxiety levels

are mounting in this household ... There has been much sorting, and chucking out, and De-cluttering today (of course, the house is going to be so beautiful when we've finished that we'll want to stay here. But no.  There's always the dodgy neighborhood.  I went out to the car today, and my suspicions about the pigeon feeding-activities of our two decidedly strange neighbors were confirmed when I heard a woman visiting the two guys, chatting away, say "Tan sabroso como pollo?" in a tone of understandable incredulity).  Alice left (I know not why) a suitcase open downstairs - guaranteed to provoke feline concern.  Someone (doubtless Moth) left a small, half disemboweled toy mouse in it - hard to tell if she's doing her own packing, or thoughtfully giving us something to take.  LucyFur, meanwhile, just stares into its suitcasely depths, thinking morose thoughts.  It's impossible, of course, to explain to them exactly what's going on ... 

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